Technology Platform

The Benefits Operating System

One cohesive system to enroll and administer benefits all year long from open enrollment to new hires and payroll exports to EDI feeds.

  • Self-service enrollment. A step-by-step enrollment wizard for individuals to enroll in benefits, manage dependents, beneficiaries, & more.
  • Benefit counselor assisted enrollment Support employees one-on-one with in-field enrollment options for online, offline, and call center.
  • Year-round benefit administration Handle open enrollment and benefit administration with full HR oversight and one-click change approvals.

Common Census Enrollment & Ben Admin System

Freedom Financial Group uses the Common Census Enrollment System for annual enrollments because of its flexibility and ease of use on all levels. The Enrollment System is a less intrusive method of enrollment since it is Internet based and you can securely logon to anywhere you have Internet access. Not only do Freedom Financial Group representatives have access to the system during enrollment, but the client and their employees have access also.

Flexible enrollment methods

Enroll cases any size from 10 to over 250,000 lives using any combination of enrollment methods.

  • Online Branded, modern user interface with guided navigation and decision support plus optional benefit counselor assisted enrollment.
  • Offline Face-to-face interviews with a benefit counselor during open enrollment when an internet connection isn’t available

Employees may review information such as demographics, dependents, deductions and coverage amounts - for certain benefits, they may even enroll themselves. During the enrollment period, the Enrollment System is available 24/7 so the employee can enroll when it is convenient for them, not just during work hours. All changes are saved instantaneously so if the employee meets with a representative at work after making changes at home, those changes will be able to be reviewed with the representative.

HR, optimized for humans

Common Census eliminates the need for repetitive data entry: make a change in one place and see it popoulate across mapped forms. And for those who desire them, print versions of all forms are available.

  • Custom business rules Administrators may create an unlimited number of locations, divisions and classes to accommodate different payroll modes.
  • Total administrative oversight Maintain full control with tools to review and approve change requests line-by-line or en masse.
  • Electronic data feeds Rest assured knowing that vital data is sent to insurance carriers securely and on schedule.
  • Security + HIPAA compliance Sensetive data is only exchanged via a secure site. Exports may be encrypted with a private PGP key.

At an administrative level, clients may use the Enrollment System to track enrollment results such as participation reports and employees who have not logged into the system. The main administrative benefit of the Enrollment System is that it is paperless.

services overview

Communication Strategies

During the annual enrollment process, Freedom Financial Group creates several avenues of communication to inform your employees of the benefits being offered.

Enrollment Services

Clients who choose Freedom Financial Group as their Section 125 Plan broker are provided enrollment services free of charge. Guidance is provided by our enrollment counselors.

HealthCare Consulting

Freedom Financial Group has worked in the Healthcare industry since 1991. These years of experience have allowed us to understand what works and what does not work in public sector health care administration.

Benefits Administration

We partner with Common Census to provide our clients the best technology for benefit communication and enrollment. Our benefits portal gives you access to employee benefit summaries, pricing, providers PPO lists, and carrier forms.

Partner Providers