Documentation & Unemployment

Finding the right talent for your business is not always an easy thing to do. And the liability for the talent you do find falls on the employer to perform due diligence is researching the background on a employee.

Through our partnership with NCS, we now provide our customers access to a simple and affordable background screening solution.

  • Social Security Verification. Identify aliases and counties where applicants reside.
  • County Criminal History Searches. Verify that the individual in question has no past criminal convictions
  • Sex offender searches. Verify that the individual in question is not a registered sex offender.
  • Single State Database Searches. Search background information databases for a single state.
  • Multi-State Database Searches. Search background information databases across multiple states
  • Motor Vehicle Records. Search driving history for any known infractions.
  • Healthcare Industry Services. Verify that an individual is qualified to work in the healthcare industry.
  • Tenant Screening. Search for any previous rental property infractions.
  • Volunteer Screening. Verify that an individual is qualified and able to work in a volunteer role.

services overview

Human Resources

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Like all valuable assets, they must be properly managed to utilize their full value. You know that maintaining all aspects of this important asset, and liability, is vital to the long-term success of every business. Let us provide you with the tools you need to handle both these areas of Human Resource Management. We’ll help you manage both the assets and liabilities.

Customized Business Solutions

You deserve a true expert to manage the options, rising costs, and compliance requirements of your insurance needs. As a leading advisor of broad-based solutions, you gain from our experience in designing plans that support your company's sustained success.

Risk Management

Employment Practices Risk Management helps protect your business from many employer liabilities such as discrimination, wrongful termination, unlawful retaliation, and harassment claims. Our comprehensive program not only provides resources that help prevent issues from happening in the first place, but also supports you in the event of a claim with insurance coverage and claims management expertise.

Employee Benefits

In order to attract and retain innovative, dedicated workers, an employee benefits program is a necessity. Managing your employee benefits is an important part of any payroll and Human Resource function. Just as important, successfully managing and controlling the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits can provide a competitive edge for your company. Creating and running a truly effective employee benefits program, though, is a task few companies are equipped to handle themselves. Let us help!