Workplace Safety

Workers' Compensation

Minimizing Risks and Managing Claims

Freedom Financial Group’s workplace safety programs include access to training, a resources library, and advice on how to safeguard your employees and workplace.

  • Workplace safety programs
  • Management training
  • Review of OSHA regulations/training required for your industry
  • Training videos and templates
  • Return-to-work protocols

services overview

Sea & Air Services

We have contracts with world's major ocean and air carriers. No matter what type of transportation you choose - your cargo will arrive in due time to any city. We will take care of all the paperwork, leaving you only satisfaction by our services.

Supply Chain Management

If your company needs to sell their products around the world or in a particular country, we can help you. We are involved in supply chain management for manufacturers and retailers in many industries.

Open for Partnerships

Our company is always looking for new partners. If you are a professional with experience in logistics, customer support or marketing, we would like to work with you. Talk to our representative or fill a form to learn more.

Warehousing & Storage

All of our storage facilities are equipped with climate control and are certified for food storage. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options, and guarantee the best conditions for your wares.